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What is the ACF?
The Australian Conservation Foundation is Australia’s leading non-government, non-profit environment organisation

In 2014;  ACF was 50 years old, and our branch is 29 years old this year.

What are our goals?
Inspiring and promoting  a society which is environmentally aware and responsible. Campaigning to protect, restore and sustain the environment. Urgent actions for preventing decision-making that could have detrimental impacts on the environment. Our Central Coast branch concentrates particularly on such environmental impacts resulting from expansive urban planning, tourist developments and escalation of population growth: also waste reduction, clean air, clean water and the promotion of renewable energy.

How can you help?

Become a member
Contact us or go to ACF website at

Special membership offer of $10.00 per year.

Become involved by:

  • Lobbying local councils on environmental issues
  • Lobbying States and Federal Government on local and national issues
  • Writing submissions on various issues.
  • Assisting at stalls at various events
  • Attending seminars and workshops
  • Assisting schools and other research projects
  • Working with other local environment groups
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Promoting ACF campaigns.
  • Attending monthly meetings of the branch, except January-3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Organising seminars and workshops.

Current Issues-13/8/2014

  • Gosford Waterfront. development.
  • Proposed Planning Laws - NSW State Government.
  • Gosford Council Waste Strategy.
  • Stormwater outlets in Gosford.
  • Rocla Sand Quarry at Calga
  • Climate Change campaign against Federal Government.
  • Campaign to stop dredging on the Great Barrier Reef.


  • Woytopia





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